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The Sun (Marketing)





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Sun Racing Web Developer

Team: Sun Racing (Technology)

Location: London

Benefits: Competitive

Job Type: Permanent

Full Stack Javascript Developer (Node.js and React.js)

Sun Racing, News UK

Modern tech, new products, and lots and lots of traffic! Here at The Sun we’re setting up a brand new team. We’re expanding into a new area, taking on the old-school competitors, and building the best products in the market. We’re tech focused and data driven, working like an independent startup but with access to all the resources and benefits that News UK has available.

If you’re not into sports or horse racing, you might be tempted to stop reading here, but please don’t! Sun Racing’s goal is to take the complex data and information behind horse racing, and transform it to make it understandable and interesting. It’s actually a developer’s dream, with data from multiple sources, real-time updates, interactive user interfaces, and all operating at a serious scale. You don’t need to have ever watched a horse race, or know how to pick a winner (besides the colour it’s wearing), because we have a team of experts who will look after that.

We’re just a small team at the moment, so it’s a great time to get on board as we have the potential to be really successful and grow quickly. We’re making the early technical decisions now, so you can have an impact on how the products are put together, without being stuck with someone else’s mess. That power comes with great responsibility, and you’ll need to get your hands dirty, experimenting with new technologies and patterns, maintaining what you build, and fixing what you break.

Our tech stack is independent of other teams at The Sun and News UK, which means we get to move quickly and make our own decisions. Quality is important, so we always try to write clean, maintainable, and scalable code. We use the right tools for the job, ones that make developers happier and more efficient, including:

  • React.js front-ends

  • Server-side rendering with Node.js

  • API microservices deployed with AWS Lambda and the Serverless framework

  • MySQL Aurora and DynamoDB for storage

  • Many AWS services including API Gateway, Lambda, EC2, RDS, Elastic Beanstalk, S3, Cloudfront, SNS, SQS, SES, CloudWatch, and CloudFormation

  • Bitbucket with Pipelines for continuous integration and deployment

  • Macbook Pros for all developers

If that sounds exciting to you, then we’re off to a good start. We’re not looking for rockstars, or developers who can solve complex algorithms in 3 lines of code. Instead it’s more important that the team works well together. Someone friendly, and approachable, with great communication skills will be a much better fit. Hopefully you have some of these skills as well:

  • At least three years real experience of agile software development

  • Understands the ins and outs of modern Javascript standards

  • Experience writing server-side code (Node.js, etc)

  • Experience in a reactive front-end framework (React.js, etc)

  • API design and development

  • Ability to write MySQL queries including joins

  • Familiar with multiple AWS tools and services

  • Can create effective unit tests and write code in a testable manner

  • Experience with code quality and continuous integration tools

  • Micro-service architectures, distributed system, and scalable application design

  • Passionate about code, design patterns, technology, and learning new things

If that sounds like you, then please get in touch. We don’t mess around, so we’ll make the recruitment process as smooth and fast as possible.


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