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We are looking for a developer with interest in the news media to join our newsroom development team. The successful candidate will join five other developers and a product manager, who are working to change the way our journalism is produced for a highly-engaged digital audience.

Help shape our digital transition

The Times is a 230 year old newspaper, the longest publishing national daily, and The Sunday Times is the UK’s widest-reaching quality Sunday newspaper.

Our subscription-based business strategy provides us with a meaningful relationship with our readers and allows us to work directly for a dedicated, passionate group of news-junkies, who expect a best-in-class experience online as in print.

Responsible for work such as the 2017 General Election hub, ‘Could you be an assistant referee’ video game, and The Sunday Times Top 100 Restaurants, you will use your judgement to inform how we best tell stories digitally.

Use best-in-class technologies every day

We are a team that move quickly at the cutting-edge of web development. We primarily work with the latest in JavaScript, both on the frontend and the server with Node.js. React is our preferred front-end paradigm, and we use Flow, Docker, Webpack and more in our deployment pipelines.

We are happy that there are different tools for different jobs, and are not scared to move into new areas or try new technologies when the opportunity arises, and enjoy experimenting with whatever gets the job done best.

Hone your skills with challenging projects

The team you will join works between short term agenda-setting stories decided with a few days notice; medium term newsroom projects, special supplements, and events such as the election and global sports; and long term tooling programmes and initiatives to improve The Times and Sunday Times’ abilities to move quickly in a digital world.

Day to day you’ll be

  • Working with journalists to decide on the best approach for a story or their problem
  • From your first few weeks working on live customer-facing projects and stories
  • Working with the team to improve the overall quality of our output through pair programming and code reviews
  • Working on the entire process of a project, from prototype and ideation, through to delivered product
  • Thinking about how we can improve our output, and suggesting ideas to achieve that
  • Sharing your learnings on the latest trends in media and technology with the team in our Slack channels
  • Working with agility and freedom, without a prescriptive framework

Essential Requirements

  • An interest in the news agenda and journalism
  • Experience in writing JavaScript, CSS and HTML for frontend web development
  • Working familiarity with backend technologies such as NodeJS, or frameworks such as WordPress/Drupal
  • Knowledge of common database technologies
  • Appreciation for web performance and accessibility


  • Knowledge of Git or other version control systems
  • Experience with the command-line interface
  • Knowledge of modern cloud computing providers and what they provide (serverless, microservices, containers)
  • Experience working in a modern JavaScript framework such as React, Angular, Vue.js or similar

To apply please send a CV and cover letter and include, any open-source code you have written, any projects you have worked on

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