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Head of HR: Business Support

Reports to Group HR Director


As part of the News UK HR Leadership Team, this role serves as a confidante and close support for the Group HRD, assisting in facilitating effective decision making and supporting other HR SLT members.

The role ensures streamlined core HR activities are implemented by HR, for the business.


Supports the HR and company's functions according to circumstances and needs:

  • Assess administrative, financial and operational inquiries directed to the Group HRD, determine the proper course of action and either manage or delegate to the appropriate individual to manage
  • Participate in programme management, which involves duties on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis. Organise and gather information from various departments and meetings and report that information, along with recommendations, to HR SLT and other executive members eg, Annual performance review process, compliance and policy roll-outs, GPGR and GDPR
  • Coordinate the execution of strategic HR initiatives. Own, organise and manage the HR Annual Plan ensuring multiple projects keep on track at the same time including any annual events
  • Provide oversight and guidance to Business Partner community on projects of high importance. Working empathetically with the BPs, ensure all large-scale issues are addressed properly, efficiently and judiciously, and keep track of progress until resolved eg. Employee Relation issues with senior and exec members including the CEO office, whistleblowing cases and international transfers and relocations.
  • Act as a first escalation point and adviser to key internal stakeholders including HR Operations, Reward, Legal, Compliance and News Union eg. Employee Screening concerns, workforce categorisation, Immigration issues and policy implementation
  • Audit and Compliance – Own the Business Continuity Plan for HR; response to audit, GCCO monitoring and notifications
  • Create, implement and manage the HR Budget, HR floor space and logistics and any projects instigated by other areas e.g. Data loss programme
  • Oversee HR response to specific welfare issues eg Sun civil claims, company litigation
  • Approve and help design internal policies developed by various sub-functions and departments for communication and implementation across the company, including liaison with News Union
  • Keep up with industry trends by reading literature and communicating with peers
  • Act as a representative of the Group HR Director

Key Skills & Attributes

  • Flexible attitude and willing to perform varying duties depending on the shifting needs of the company
  • Proven track record of effectively interacting, building relationships and influencing senior stakeholders and executive members
  • Ability to work strategically and collaboratively across departments
  • Effective, versatile and action-oriented
  • Ability to actively and rapidly gain and share knowledge on particular issues, moving across HR disciplines in the process
  • Strong organisational skills, excellent communication skills, good judgement and analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Extensive Company Knowledge and understanding of employment law
  • Good knowledge and advocate of HR business partnering to enable effective collaboration with Peterborough HR team, Reward, H&S, business continuity
  • Knowing how to effect change and influence stakeholders in News UK Culture
  • Able to represent full range of HR responsibilities to all levels of the organisation, influencing key stakeholders towards the HR agenda regardless of their seniority

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