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Data Scientist - Advertising Science

News UK Data Technology

News UK is a great company full of talented, dedicated and creative people. We are an organisation that holds journalism at its very heart. Our newspapers and digital products include some of the most powerful media brands in the English speaking world: the Times, The Sunday Times and The Sun - reaching 30 million people each week. Despite differences in audience and content our brands are united by a commitment to independent journalism that connects our customers.

Technology, a team with people and product at our heart. Passionate and trusted experts creating industry leading solutions through attracting and developing the best talent. CIO of the Year (women in technology) 2016, Christina Scott, leads the department and has worked for many years transforming technology teams in media companies.

The Data Technology team in News UK uses data and machine learning to power the newsroom, digital products, marketing and advertising parts of our business.

Data Technology is a multi-disciplinary team that includes data engineers, data scientists and data product development specialists. Data scientists are focused on developing predictive models that are productionised at scale, and tools and solutions with data and machine learning at their core that help the business improve or automate their existing workflows, or create value for the business in new and previously impossible ways.

The Data Science team currently aligns two specific focus areas:

  • Customer Science: Building predictive models about our customers, working closely and semi-embedded with marketing teams to help them drive customer acquisition, personalise their engagement with our products and find cross sell opportunities.
  • Content Science: Building predictive models and natural language processing capabilities around all of our editorial content, working closely and semi-embedded with newsroom teams to help them embed data into the journalistic process, and use predictive models to spot trends and identify opportunities to improve audience engagement with their content.

Advertising Science is a new data science discipline we are hiring a data scientist to take responsibility for. The successful candidate will work very closely with the digital advertising teams, as well as their data science colleagues to find ways of leveraging our existing (and creating new) customer and content intelligence to create new advertising opportunities.

This will involve mining billions of rows of clickstream data and our wealth of first party customer data to build out predictive models that serve as segments for advertising, and building visualisations and interfaces to support exploration and discovery of these audiences. The work of this data scientist will be instrumental for the entire advertising sales proposition for News UK and is a key area of focus from the C-Suite down.

To build brilliant solutions, grounded in and applying machine learning, the successful candidate will need to be able to work with a diverse and exciting set of stakeholders, with different styles and at all levels in the organisation, as well as external high profile advertising clients, and be as comfortable developing solutions in a highly iterative process, engaging stakeholders to take in feedback as well as help others see the art of the possible.

A background in the following is required, or a demonstrable interest and ability to rapidly learn:

  • Mining massive data sets
  • Building predictive models based on sparse features
  • Be pragmatic to work out what business needs rather than just looking for a technical solution, outgoing with ability to integrate into and work closely with technical and non-technical teams
  • Ideally have an eye for data visualisation and effective communication with data
  • Interest and ability on both the model building and engineering side of data science
  • Not necessarily - but of course a boon to have an understanding of digital advertising or have worked with raw clickstream (web analytics) data
  • Technical Toolset: Python, SQL, big data technologies

About Us,

News UK is a great company full of talented, dedicated and creative people. We are a company which has journalism at its very heart. Our newspapers and associated websites are some of the most powerful media brands in the English speaking world, reaching 30 million people each week. They are very different products with different values and different strengths, but all are united by a commitment to independent journalism that connects with our customers.

News UK is a company which thrives on pace. Our people stretch themselves on a daily basis, challenging the status quo to produce the best service possible to our readers and customers. We embrace creativity and initiative and we have some of the most talented people in the industry.

If you want to work for one of the world's most exciting, challenging and creative media organisations then News UK is the place to build your career.