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What’s the job? - UK Manager, Print Sales and Subscriptions

Sales and Marketing Department:

The Times Newspaper Ltd Marketing & Sales department is made up of 4 teams; Brand Strategy & Planning, Retention, Engagement & Operations, Content Sales and Propositions & Market Development, working together to deliver the Sales & Marketing vision. Our strategic objectives:

  • Be distinct and differentiated
  • Know our customers better
  • Do more with customer relationships
  • Fuel passions for our brands among customers and staff
  • Grow the volume of repeat, known customers
  • Grow average revenue per user
  • Maximise the life time value of our customers
  • Own the customer experience from beginning to end

What’s my personal contribution?

Develop strategy and execute activity to drive profitable growth of print subscriptions and print sales for The Times and The Sunday Times across the UK. Work with the wider Marketing and Sales team, and other News UK teams such as Retail, and Editorial that will support growth of print volumes and revenue.

Develop a strategy to use casual sale to drive consumer habit to then convert to a fully paid subscription.

What are my Responsibilities & Accountabilities?

  • Responsible for 75% of TNL Total Paid Sale revenue and ARPU growth
  • Work with the wider Marketing & Sales team, Editorial, Technology, Product, Audience Insight and Finance to design and deliver products, pricing and propositions for prospective audiences across the UK.
  • Work with the Propositions & Market Development team on pricing and propositions for prospective audiences across the UK.
  • Work with the Retention and Operations team to understand the quality and engagement of newly acquired subscribers
  • Work with the Digital Sales team to drive online conversion for prospects looking to buy a print subscription, optimising journeys and building new journeys where needed
  • Manage a team that is responsible for all creative that drives sales; working with creative agencies across all marketing channels including traditional media such as radio and ‘owned’ media such as in paper ads; and digital media working closely with the Audience team and Digital team using digital channels to drive print revenue – whilst always ensuring creative is on brand by working with the Brand Team
  • Work with the Retail team to optimise print retail channels, including developing a Key retailer programme, optimising in-store presence, reviewing and optimising bulk volumes to reduce free and lesser rate sale volumes and upselling to full paid sale.
  • Introduce a ‘Subscriptions through Retail’ channel plan working with the Retail team
  • Work with News UK teams on key editorial product launches to maximise subscription sales and casual print sale opportunities eg. Style launch, ST refresh pt2
  • Work with the wider Marketing and Sale team and Editorial teams on key owned franchises to maximise subscription and casual sale eg Rich List, Best Places etc
  • Work with the Partnerships team to create and execute a rolling promotional calendar with appropriate partners to drive subscriptions sales and casual sale.
  • Work with partners on sponsored copy opportunities eg at sponsored events such as Cheltenham, Political conferences etc
  • Work with the Digital Subscriptions Team to collaborate on a promotional marketing plan to drive overall subscriber volumes, including joint promotions, incentives, and propositions.
  • Work with the Digital Subscriptions team to optimise online conversion of print subscriptions across all digital sales channels.
  • Develop close working relationships with the various editorial teams– to create long term content marketing plans to drive subscriptions and casual sale
  • Lead on forecasting and planning for marketing activity that drives UK print subscriptions and print sale
  • Lead on reporting for all UK subscription and print sale performance – introduce new improved standardised reporting for daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly reports
  • Own and manage the budget that drives UK print revenue
  • Work with the Propositions Manager to ensure alignment of long and short term priorities within product & propositions and delivery with the TNL Product and CMP teams.
  • Establish strong relationships with key stakeholders in priority business units including Finance, Audience Insight, Product and Technology. Identify key individuals to influence and attend regular meetings and showcases. Establish transparent relationships that regularly demonstrate the business benefits and include key deliverables in investment cases & product roadmaps to prove ROI.
  • Build, develop and nurture a team of execs that will be in multiple locations: London and Glasgow.
  • Working with Finance and Propositions and Market Development team to develop strategies that drive growth – understanding which segments of customers deliver the most value to the business in order to inform marketing and sales strategies to attract high value, desirable customers.
  • With the Head of Print Sales and Subscriptions work with Retail to develop a retailer programme with the likes of McColls, Tesco, Sainsburys etc
  • Support the Head of Print Sales and Subscriptions in reviewing performance and effectiveness of the Retail Field Sales team (REL) and develop a new programme working together with the Retail team
  • Scotland market: lead on developing and delivering a subscriptions sales plan bespoke to the Scottish market; develop and execute a plan to target the number one quality title position beating the likes of The Herald in Scotland
  • Manage and build the capability and capacity of individuals within your team through insight, constructive feedback and challenge to enable team effectiveness, ensure consistency with News UK / Marketing values and behaviours, and to drive business performance.
  • Involvement in cross team planning, strategy, wash-ups, outlooks etc

What do I Know

Useful knowledge, skills and experience

  • Bring a ‘sales performance’ mentality to the team
  • Thorough understanding of how to build and manage teams, which are, based on performance and execution standards.
  • Passion for understanding consumer behaviour and developing marketing strategies to engage, attract and convert new prospects.
  • Proven experience of developing revenue driving strategies
  • Proven experience of developing and executing high quality creative across traditional and digital channels.
  • Ideally have knowledge of the newspaper sector and ideally within a subscriptions business. Retail channel management is also an advantage.
  • Strong relationship building skills to develop and nurture stakeholder relationships across News UK, and externally.
  • Strong and proven creative process management skills
  • Proven experience of managing creative agencies, getting the best out of them through quality briefing, relationship management, creative process management
  • Proven experience of supplier and partner management – relationship management, financial management, contract creation etc.
  • Have strong communication and presentation skills to develop a narrative to sell an idea and tell a compelling story to team members, peers, stakeholders, senior execs, and the board.
  • Proven ability to work in the here and now in a fast paced marketing and trading environment, as well as keeping one eye on developing strategy and longer term plans.

What do I Show?

Essential Behaviours

As a department, we have 5 values that guide our day to day work. We call them the 5 C’s

Customer Led





We want people that relish a challenge; are resilient, adaptable to change, enjoy a fast paced environment, and are not afraid to question what’s gone before whilst having a passion for doing things differently

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